Run a courier company with Courier Software

Run a courier company with Courier Software

With the use of cost-effective courier programs, a small and medium-sized courier company can compete with the service standards set by the larger companies - and the cost of improving your system is not so good, so its really no excuse not to upgrade your companys old manual system into one automated tracking and tracking system.

The days of roadcrafts and manifesto stack up everywhere are over. No more clutter in your courier company, for specialized courier software now lets you drive a tight ship. With online tracking to keep both you and your customers up to date with all your deliveries. The system also provides automated delivery communication and filing of waybills, POD documents, different spreadsheets and other important documentation in the computer network, providing easy access and a more efficient office environment.

Small courier companies can now also work with efficient systems, which will bring them closer to the service functions of the major players in the courier business. The idea is to get courier software to eliminate as many physical tasks as possible.

Previously, customers could call in and the sender would have to write down the order and call a driver to collect it, and then the package would be priced manually. This process is revolutionized with a specialized software package. With the right software, your computer can handle all of these steps, calculating the most effective options for driver allocation and tracking.

Dispatch is now a breeze, with the computer identifying the best choice of driver for a particular delivery with regard to his location and delivery location. SMS messages for mobile phones are used to communicate delivery information and shipping notes as well as POD scans enable easy tracking and information storage. Mobile messaging turns out to be extremely cost effective and efficient, saving money and time compared to boring phone calls trying to find drivers on the road.

The cost of transition to an automated system may seem high at the beginning, but the long-term savings and streamlining of the courier process will show a good return on your budget-specific investment. In the case of courier companies, customers may be weak, jump to another courier service over the lowest price differences, but by the end of the day, it is fast efficient service that gains long-term customer loyalty. With the appropriate package tracking specification for your courier business, you can provide your customers with more reliable service, and you should win more customers and be able to offer a more cost-effective courier service to your customers.

When your bidding company changes to an automated system, the customer contacts the delivery process. The specialized software enables the customer to place delivery requests online and to also follow the progress of the package. This means that while the software makes the company more efficient, it keeps you on the toes as the customer can see exactly how their deliveries progress. This should, however, serve as motivation, and with the time saved by your sender, there may be more time allocated to training drivers to develop greater efficiency in the delivery process in general.

Features provided by a decent price system should include:

An interactive collection management system with text / text messages.

Individual freight or bulk import from a spreadsheet.

Consolidation of waybills on manifest for line haul shipping to the same destination hub.

Consolidation of waybills on triplets for delivery of drivers.

Billing and printing for selected cancellation date and specified customers.

Receipt and credit note to invoice or individual shipping note.

Detailed customer accounts including full payment allocation data and age analysis.

Margin calculations per shipping, customer, period, salesman, etc.

Driving pressure suppression for customers and for bulk distributions.

Tracking packages through barcode search and barcode printing.

Integrated delivery proof image search and link to shipping details.

Automatic Faxing or Email Proof of Delivery Information.

Export all reports in most popular formats, including Adobe Acrobat, Excel, etc.

Direct email of all reports.

Flexible multi-branch setup, using batch transmissions or live connections.

Electronic transmission of manifest and POD information

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